Finally the Truth: Covid-19 Vaccines are Ineffective and Harmful

Johnson and Johnson Covid vaccines finally pulled for causing too many blood clots- see links below. Some articles and authors are claiming that this is “rare” but if it is so rare- why has it been pulled off the market? Do not believe that blood clots are rare. It’s just not true. Yale medicine: reading “Finally the Truth: Covid-19 Vaccines are Ineffective and Harmful”

Fentanyl Deaths- a Personal Account

Many of us get sick during cold and flu season and sometimes we get so sick that we have trouble dragging ourselves out of the house or have difficulty being prescribed antibiotics. In this fast paced “nobody has time to be sick or recover” culture- people are generally expected to work through illnesses. Which hasContinue reading “Fentanyl Deaths- a Personal Account”

Government Sponsored Project to Put Vaccines in Food Yes, it’s true. The government is sponsoring studies on how to put vaccines into all types of food. Study happening at UC Riverside, California. Claims are that it would be in vegetables and that it is supposedly years away from happening. Continuing to look further into this…what the plans are if they areContinue reading “Government Sponsored Project to Put Vaccines in Food”

A Scientific Theory on Why Not to Get the Covid-19 Vaccine

First, my background is a BSN in science- nursing, I am a licensed Public Health RN and I have attended but did not finish a masters in science of public health from The George Washington University. I have been a practicing PHN and RN for 15 years, have spent several years specifically working with vaccinesContinue reading “A Scientific Theory on Why Not to Get the Covid-19 Vaccine”

More Links and Evidence on the Ineffectiveness of Mask Wearing Over 150 studies reviewed conclude not only ineffective but harmful. See link below:

Let Them Eat Cake

This has been nagging at me for days. Have people forgotten that this is not a kingdom? That we are a republic and in a republic- it is the elected officials who are beholden to the people to do what the people wish. I feel like a lot of people have stopped having their ownContinue reading “Let Them Eat Cake”

CDC, NIH, Fauci Admit Covid-19 Vaccines Do Not Stop the Spread of Covid-19

The argument for mandating the Covid-19 vaccine for those who refuse it is that it will stop the spread of Covid-19. As the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Dr. Fauci have ALL stated in the links below that the vaccine does NOT in fact stop the virus from being transmitted,Continue reading “CDC, NIH, Fauci Admit Covid-19 Vaccines Do Not Stop the Spread of Covid-19”

Vaccine Passports in Canada and Australia

See site below for info on fighting this draconian regime in Canada- site includes info on people having their movements restricted for not getting the vaccine- regardless of medical contraindication and other issues.

More Studies on Effects of Covid-19 Vaccines

Below is a link to a study that I haven’t fully read but saving here as it sounds interesting. Subject is blood changes after Covid shot. Notable thought- it is said that the flu vaccine changes every year in predictions of which strains of flu will be present. Many wonder- why are the currentContinue reading “More Studies on Effects of Covid-19 Vaccines”

Minnesota Nursing Home Deaths Due to Covid-19: it’s not what you think

Freshman governor Tim Walz has long been criticized for his handling of Covid-19 management in Minnesota. From invoking and retaining emergency powers (making him the sole decision maker for the entire state) for over two years to shutting down small businesses while allowing big business to drive other business owners out of state, to mandatingContinue reading “Minnesota Nursing Home Deaths Due to Covid-19: it’s not what you think”