Lief Before…But Still Is

Alice had been studying the abnormal psychology of the sociopath. Sometimes known as a malignant narcissist. She now knows all the signs, the motivation, what to watch out for. What she hadn’t considered was that she would encounter practically the same man- a decade younger. This “new” Lief is shockingly similar to the one sheContinue reading “Lief Before…But Still Is”

Alice Makes Her Way Out of the Nonsense World

Once things became unbearable with Lief, Alice said as much. She realized that she no longer recognized herself. She had been living in a fantasy world. A fantasy that was turning into a nightmare. She was tired of it. So tired. Tired of being told her feelings were wrong, tired of being unappreciated, tired ofContinue reading “Alice Makes Her Way Out of the Nonsense World”

Go Ask Alice, But She Won’t Know

Alice had been taking the same medications for years. It never occurred to her that she may die from them. Or lack of them, rather. She’s sitting outside the pharmacy, freezing cold although the sun is shining directly on her and she is wearing a windbreaker with a hood. She feels like she is inContinue reading “Go Ask Alice, But She Won’t Know”

Alice and Lief Confronting Their Pasts

Alice, while looking for information on how to handle what felt like a downward slide in her relationship with Leif, stumbled across attachment theory and revisited love languages. She still loves Leif and believes that he probably loves her too, but after a weekend of moving/fighting/breakdowns/makups- Alice came to the conclusion that she would somehowContinue reading “Alice and Lief Confronting Their Pasts”

Guide on What to NOT do it you want to be in a relationship of equals:

Subtitle: people will take and take and take and write checks that their asses can’t cash. If someone tells you they will do something and then don’t, that is a red flag. If you have to nag about something that your boyfriend said he would do- that’s demeaning and WILL take a toll on yourContinue reading “Guide on What to NOT do it you want to be in a relationship of equals:”