Nursing Homes and Covid

Vaccines and Disease Acquired Immunity Plus Mask Problems

Disease acquired immunity: German studies demonstrate masks cause children harm: German Study of 25,000 Children Shows Masks Cause Harm Masks carry infectious diseases that are much more deadly than Covid-19: Dangerous pathogens found on children’s masks point to the need for a larger, more controlled study

Vaccine Breakthrough Cases- This study that has been reprinted by BMJ and Yale finds that breakthrough COVID-19 cases are more common amongst “fully vaccinated” individuals. There is also the suggestion that the vaccine may not be effective in any strain beyond the alpha or initial strain.

What happened at the block party

Here’s what a couldn’t post to FB because of censorship. The guys there were telling me their penis sizes. I didn’t ask. I don’t know why they were saying that. One said “you’re a nurse, you should suck my dick”. I took a photos of the place afterwards. And one of the vehicles there. ByContinue reading “What happened at the block party”

Mask Links – more to come PCR test- COVID19 PCR Tests are Scientifically Meaningless Masks carrying pathogens:

Liberty Mix and Mingle Champlin, MN

Also known as the re-election fundraising campaign for House Reps Lucero, Bahr, Heinrich and Mekeland. “The Mingling” I was running about 20 minutes late. So maybe it was my misunderstanding or I missed most of the “mingling” part, but prior to the speeches starting- which would continue for the next hour and a half, IContinue reading “Liberty Mix and Mingle Champlin, MN”

No More Masks On Children, period.

ACLU and the federal constitution trumps any state mandate. ACLU guarantees children the right to equal access to school. Negative health effects of masking children:

Kangaroo Court- Family Law Corruption

Work in Progress by Kristina Tehrani 7/27/2021 I found out a few years back that civil court is basically bullshit court. There is no penalty for perjury- in fact, it’s expected. The law is completely ignored and I mean, completely. There appears to be no greater kangaroo court than family court. There are published lawsContinue reading “Kangaroo Court- Family Law Corruption”