“The Pandemic Catfisher of 2020”

By Kristina Tehrani, April 2, 2021 A few weeks ago, I “met” somebody online. Not just anybody- a man. He sent me a message on Facebook at 3 in the morning “how are you doing??’. I often receive messages from random men online, so I ignored it initially. But after a few days, I becameContinue reading ““The Pandemic Catfisher of 2020””

Basic Public Health and Epidemiology Information for General Audiences

Also note- much of the Covid-19 specific info is towards the bottom. Attention- this is a work in progress. Note: not medical advice. Reason for this project- to give public a (hopefully) less biased view of science and to educate on public health basics. My background: What makes me qualified to teach this subject? ExtensiveContinue reading “Basic Public Health and Epidemiology Information for General Audiences”

The Epidemic That Doesn’t Make The Papers

By: Kristina Tehrani 2/10/2021, revised 3/16/2021           Today I stopped by the gas station and as I was browsing for my favorite bottled tea, I happened across the newspaper stand. There were two publications- The Saint Paul Pioneer Press and the Minneapolis Star Tribune. The headlines were nearly identical. This is not a direct headlineContinue reading “The Epidemic That Doesn’t Make The Papers”