Liberty Mix and Mingle Champlin, MN

Also known as the re-election fundraising campaign for House Reps Lucero, Bahr, Heinrich and Mekeland. “The Mingling” I was running about 20 minutes late. So maybe it was my misunderstanding or I missed most of the “mingling” part, but prior to the speeches starting- which would continue for the next hour and a half, IContinue reading “Liberty Mix and Mingle Champlin, MN”

For Kathleen….Wherever I May Find Her

By Kristina Tehrani July 26,2021 I’ve been a nurse for many years- about 13. I haven’t been working the entire time but I have several long term experiences under my belt. One of my favorite nursing jobs was working for the GLBT population in an inpatient drug and alcohol treatment program. Why? Because it wasContinue reading “For Kathleen….Wherever I May Find Her”

Love In the Time of Cold Civil War or The Ballad of Jane and Tom

Part One By Kristina Tehrani copyright 7/26/2021 In the near future, the United Districts of the North has split into two clear factions- the Group Think Party and those who seek to resist a totalitarian society. The split is neatly halved, with the Group Think Party attempting total dominance over the population who seek individualContinue reading “Love In the Time of Cold Civil War or The Ballad of Jane and Tom”