Collection of Links and Notes MN Walz, Covid Updates Emergency Powers

Secret VAERS Data openvaers (com or org?)

WHO announces kids should not be “vaccinated” for Covid-19

Funny, when I Google it- on one hand the claim that the WHO said kids shouldn’t get it it “false” according to BUT here is there “proof”!

Fauci and His History

Not a completed work- Kristina Tehrani 7/27/2021

Also should be linked to Africa Trials and Gates Foundation

HIV Vaccine and medication Trials:

Failure of HIV vaccine- experimental vaccine ended up enhancing likelihood of getting HIV: (find link)

mRNA technology used in HIV vaccine trials:

Trials in Africa:

GHANA seems to be a place where the population seems to be tested on most frequently.

Above link is Ebola- need to check who was involved in this.

Click to access Dirty_profits4_Clinical_trials_Africa.pdf

Fauci and Gates:


Fauci has never worked as a medical doctor in the field treating patients. His interest has always been in experimentation.

The Real State of the State: Minnesota- land of dissent and division

Forthcoming article on the particulars of why Minnesota has become far and away the most controversial place in the US.

It’s my understanding that as a swing state, Minnesota never came across as particularly revolutionary state. We’re not New York, we’re not California. How did our Governor end up on Biden’s council of governers?

He pretended to liberals to be a moderate Democrat. When I was kind of mindlessly subscribed to the liberal agenda- sounded good- I got used to it. Part of it was the Republican slandering. Okay, a lot of it was slander. Mud slinging. The ironic part is that it’s kind of obvious if you spent some time doing research. That is, not only are democrats worse for everyone but as it turns out, they’ve become the same party, anyways.

Someone recently referred to the US government as a “syndicate mob organization”. I felt that terminology completely appropriate. There’s gangs in every state and most of them can be bought by the highest bidder. The only chance since the mob heydays is that now they pretend they’re working for the people. In the 1930s and such, people didn’t trust the government! People shouldn’t trust the government. I mean, who do you think runs it? People who want money and power. That’s kind of the antithesis of “public servant”.

Tim Walz has been a blister in Minnesota’s heel almost since the beginning of his tenure. He could have simply remained a disappointing, unmemorable nameless idiot as a footnote in the history of Minnesota.

If not for…..the pandemic. The opportunity arose and he was one of the “democrats” that saw this as a great opportunity to prove that once and for all, democrats care and republicans are trying to kill you. Literally even.

Walz was a little late to the game that other democrats were instituting, but even he could see a sinking ship versus an opportunity.

I kind of wonder about the wisdom of Donald Trumps decision to leave management of the pandemic to state governments. I couldn’t decide whether it was idiotic or brilliant. At the time, I maintained a neutral position.

To detail;

Two weeks to flatten the curve- MN Style

BLM Jumps on Board

Democratic infighting and the ongoing amount of “walkaways” from the far left.

BLM openly supports anti

Have been too busy working on Heath Info article to work on this.

Censorship- Media and Social Media

Since having been told that I am being watched on social media- nefariously watched is how it read- I have taken to inventing a secondary account and posting as a page rather than under my real name. I was told not to post “anything political at all”. I could lose my professional license, I was told.

I looked into this, and it is true, unfortunately. Due to the nature of my professional license, and the wide range of laws governing it- I have to be very careful about what I post on social media. Perhaps the damage has already been done.

A lot of the censorship doesn’t even come directly from the dominant company in social media- much of it comes from those who support the censorship and report others. It doesn’t matter whether you post a fact backed up by research, whether you post about a personal experience or even if what you say isn’t even political. If people in any way interpret what you say as offensive in any manner- and I’m talking some petty things, other users will report.

I have a theory- two theories actually- one is that social media is targeting people of a more “conservative viewpoint”. The other theory is that people of Caucasian descent or appearance are being targeted. These theories are supported by my observations.

I have been advised to get rid of associations that may report me. I have done that to a degree. There are some associates that I have who I believe are on the fence about all of this and won’t report me. As for the person who “warned” me, I am still working out how to remove that person as I suspect she’s already got ammunition in screenshots and is prepared to do it- so these days I keep my personal profile as neutral as possible while posting in other ways.

Just know that there are many, many people in the medical and scientific community being silenced in this manner. I remember several months ago, many medical professionals speaking out about the experimental vaccine. These people are now silent. Coincidentally (or not) doctors and nurses are leaving the profession at a rate higher than we’ve ever seen.

We need medical professionals and scientists who believe in studies and truth. That are non partisan and only follow the science. What we have are government entities telling medical professionals what to say. The carrot being that they keep their jobs and licenses. If we don’t have anyone in those sectors “on the inside”- we won’t get information like this…. many medical professionals have reported getting the Covid-19 virus shortly after receiving the vaccine. I don’t know how many, this is my observation from a group I am in. There were hundreds of comments that this happened to them. I don’t know why, this is a new science (mRNA), so there isn’t a lot of research (aside from animal studies) to explain it.

I urge you to explore the second polio vaccine (which was a more traditional vaccine) but infected 40,000 people with the virus.

The first polio vaccine (1935) was pulled for more mysterious reasons but was also cited for being “dangerous” “ineffective” and the creator was outright called “a murderer”. Again, details on this one are harder to locate.

I am not against vaccines. I am against not having all the information and I am against being lied to by the government. So keep in mind that the current polio vaccine is most likely safe for most people as it’s been around for over 50 years.

The original efforts to create a polio vaccine mark what appears to be the first time that government became heavily involved in public health information and dissemination.

Where Will The Children Play? or “Tell me again how much you care about the future and others?”

About a 3/4 mile walk (one way) through my neighborhood. I pass by what can only be described as almost completely park land. Photographed all the litter in masks that I passed- reminder this is a one way walk. Plus some of the local inhabitants….

Cloth mask
“Surgical mask in Nature Preserve”
“Bits of surgical mask in nature preserve, about 20 feet from where deer gather”
“They eat cotton- about 20 feet from Surgical Mask Found Chewed up”
Found on playground Cloth Mask
Also found on playground Another Cloth Mask
Found on edge of playground
Found in a backyard near playground
Local Wildlife- debris nearby

Killing Them Softly: Covid-19 “Management” in Minnesota

Minnesota- the land of 10,000 lakes, known for its vibrant arts and music community, sometimes unpredictable weather, a safe place to live, and “Minnesota Nice”. Or that’s how it used to be anyways. The state wasn’t perfect before 2020, but now droves of native Minnesotans are leaving for states that are all around healthier. Why? The ongoing mismanagement of the Covid-19 pandemic controlled unilaterally by the freshman state governor, Tim Walz.

Tim Walz was elected MN Governor in 2019, his term was almost immediately faced with the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020. At that time, Walz and the legislature invoked a little used “peacetime emergency” law to address the pandemic statewide. The initial rhetoric was “decisions need to be made quickly” and the state went on a “two week lockdown” to “flatten the curve”. During the lockdown, any non essential business was closed, including schools and houses of worship of all types. Allowed to stay open were liquor stores, gas stations, pharmacies, grocery stores and “big box stores”- such as Target and Walmart. Critics of the lockdown argued the logic of leaving big box stores open. Critics also argued that a more complete lockdown with measures in place to deliver medications and food to households were not put in place, thereby somewhat negating the supposed effect of the lockdown. People with cabin fever went to Target daily.

However, the lockdown did not end after two weeks. It didn’t end after four weeks. It didn’t end after 8 or 12 weeks. The lockdown lasted until July 13, 2020. That is four months that people were told to “stay at home”. Many businesses struggled to survive the extended lockdown. Many did not survive. The unemployment level in Minnesota last year doubled- and stayed that way for the entire year and into the next.

One may argue that this was necessary to prevent the spread of Covid-19. However, no data was being collected on the effectiveness of shutting down small businesses and isolating people for this length of time. Comparing data between Minnesota and Wisconsin- which has a higher total population than Minnesota and in which there was no “emergency” declared, has followed an identical (and sometimes LESS rates of Covid infection and deaths).

What HAS been recorded and is becoming more and more apparent is that states without masks and lockdowns are faring BETTER than Minnesota both in terms of controlling the spread of Covid-19, which has significantly decreased since November 2020, according to the Minnesota Department of Health, and continues to be much lower than the apparent peak of the pandemic in Minnesota last winter. Note that this occurred BEfORE the availability of vaccines. Months before, in fact.

Governor Walz has just extended his emergency power to mandate lockdowns, mask wearing, and whatever else he sees fit to control yet again on Friday, marking more than 13 months of continuous unilateral control of the state. His reasoning? That if his control ends, Minnesota would lose federal money in food support.

Why do so many Minnesotans need food support? Or so many more than 2019? Because unemployment has sharply increased in the general population almost doubling in a single year. Many businesses that have survived the lockdowns are restricted in capacity by up to 75% of the number that they would otherwise be able to accommodate.

Data has shown that the number of suicides in Minnesota has increased in the last year to 48%, well over the national average of 37%. Suicide rates among youth have doubled in the past year. Many mental health organizations have recognized that this is the result of lack of access to care and persistent isolation. Rates of suicide have also markedly increased in the elderly presumably for the same reason.

The Minnesota Department of Health has yet to identify the number one source of transmission of Covid-19, although again, the numbers continue to be significantly lower than the peak six months past. Wisconsin recently ended any sort of mask mandate- with the result of continuing to have less cases than Minnesota.

Conclusion: the focus needs to be on reviving the economy and restoring the Minnesota legislature to include the voices of all our representatives. The Governor has refused time and again to relinquish his one man control over the state. The “measures” that have been implemented are not only not working, but they are killing Minnesotans and crippling the economy.