Updates from Activism

Good morning freedom fighters! Trying to not make my long posts so much work to read…

Campaign Postponed:

After thinking about it and and simply being too busy with personal stuff to run an effective campaign in a district that needs the most effective campaign possible plus a miracle, I am postponing the dreams of nagging the legislature into changing their laws. I just have a lot to learn and not enough time right now to do it. So not giving up the idea, postponing. I had polled you all awhile back to ask what is the most effective use of my time and energy as they are limited of course and the results of putting into practice what most people thought would be best (trying to do a bit of everything) didn’t work. Probably because I’m the sort that puts most of my energy into one thing at a time. So for now, I have some personal life things that I have to take care of, but also I think the activism is a better choice of how to spend time now. Well, any free time I have anyways. That and spending less time looking into campaigning because I really went into it with no knowledge and now I know alot more, which will help both me and others in the future- as I can also offer some advice for those that have less on their plate at the moment.

The Economy/Jobs/Reasons for Optimism Here:

I started research on jobs NOT requiring forced medical interventions and am finding a trend that jobs are starting to advertise “no you know what” required. I read a couple articles about this trend- the articles were biased of course but the fact remains, employers are having a hard time staying afloat without employees. Those of us who are resisting- and there are many- enough to cause a labor shortage in many industries- we are impacting the economy and impacting medical employers also. Really, this isn’t about a shot anymore (well it kind of is) but it’s more about choice. We’ve all watched the slippery slope of agreeing to be ma$ked and even those who initially got it- well now look- it’s about bodily autonomy and the right to make our own choices about our bodies and our children’s bodies. At this point, even if I felt like it was in my best interest to get it (which I don’t)- it’s about a power struggle now. And it’s my body. And I decide for my kids. No amount of money, bribery, threats etc is going to change that.
So for those of us against it for whatever reason, hold the line, we are making a difference. Ignore the media- they lie. Ignore the haters- they lie too.


As a constant thinker and frankly “worrier”, I have been thinking about what’s going on and the end game for months, even when I don’t want to be thinking about it. My conclusion and maybe this is obvious to others, but my conclusion is that with the constant messages of isolation and division we’re getting from the government- at all levels- it really feels like they’re trying to destroy any sense of community. And community makes us stronger. That’s why the places of worship were shut down, schools, being told not to visit family, many playgrounds are shut down too. They’re trying to separate us. ALL of us. We can resist by staying friends with people who maybe disagree but aren’t jerks about it. We can resist by trying to change the focus from what divides us to what we have in common. Start talking about other stuff- I am in a book club that’s mostly liberal types but we have something in common to discuss.
They want the focus to be on vacc Versus non vacc and we can’t let them keep controlling the narrative.

Staying Optimistic Under Pressure:

It’s hard. I really picked a bad time to “switch teams” lol. But I’m not even entirely sure I have switched teams. I just am critical of both sides and much more willing to listen. I will never vote Dem again after all this of course, but as an issues person- I would like to see more people also focusing on issues. I am glad I retained most of my “liberal” friends because these people are not the pushy sort anyways. I disagree with them on things but we still communicate. Also I apologize on behalf of the more outspoken ones- I think a lot of people are stressed and the best thing we can do is continue to speak up but in a way that people will listen (finally understanding that RBG quote) although I doubt many of the hard leftists understand it. People are not thinking anymore. That’s a problem. Not saying everyone- but certainly some. And some choose not to think. By burying themselves in some hobby or something. Also, people take vacations. Which is great. I can’t take a formal vacation right now but I would like to take a week of just reading and laying around and forgetting about this stuff. Recharge.


I have also come to realize these past few months as I’ve interacted with people as a potential political candidate- many people have no idea what’s going on. We are by far significantly more knowledgeable politically than they are. So, remember that when you encounter parrots online- they probably have no idea what’s going on and even if you spoon feed it to them- they may not care. As others have said, a lot of it is “virtue signaling” and yes, “sheepism”. Example- before I “woke up” I seriously didn’t know the statistics on how many police die on the job. My assumptions weren’t as strong as some I’ve heard- but facts still matter. Also, when called a “snowflake”- I really didn’t know what that meant- so if you call a liberal a snowflake, chances are you should just explain it. Same with the sheep thing. I don’t think they get it. Just say “why don’t you do some research and not believe everything you’re told?” My suggestion.

Active Liberals Do Not Understand Conservatives:

That’s not an insult, it’s the truth. Remember a year or so ago when I asked a bunch of questions about Republicans? That’s because I really didn’t know. People think conservatives don’t care about kids, the elderly, education, violence or anything else. That’s the stereotype. Part of what I’ve been doing is trying to break down barriers between those of us who can think logically. When I sit down and explain it, people AGREE with the stuff I say. It’s the stereotype that they react to. I even have liberals who want to support me in my campaign because I’ve focused on the issues. So it’s possible that we have more in common than not and we’re going to need it as it appears as if Biden is leading us down a very frightening path internationally. I’m not saying it’s anyone’s job to educate- but if you feel like it and they don’t outright insult you- may be worth a shot.

So I am backing off a bit for now activity wise- just so much going on in my life right now that really do need that week to read fiction and recharge. Won’t go through laundry list of bad luck, but I assure you- need to recharge for sure.

Sorry for the long post! I realize I need to get back to writing.

Stay strong, stay connected with others, we’re still making a difference, keep reminding people about Walz. Maybe in the spring we can have a get together so we can have a “get out the vote” sort of event? Against Walz of course.

Love you guys! Thanks for reading and happy new year! Take care of yourselves!!

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Born a first generation American, half Irish Catholic and half Persian Jew, I like to write about a childhood mired in the chaos of never knowing where I stood. The only constants in my life have been reading, writing and a passion for social justice. I am a nurse, a single mother, a domestic abuse survivor, radical feminist and outspoken advocate for logic, public health, gray areas, and purposeful dialogue. I know entirely too much about sociopaths, autism, and medieval British history. I write under a pen name to protect the privacy of my family.

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