How Long Can Mass Hysteria Last?

An analysis of how long people will keep losing their minds over a virus that doesn’t even make the top ten list of causes of mortality- nationally or worldwide.

In March 2020, when the Covid-19 virus came to my state, I spent several hours researching it online. I admit, I was somewhat panicked for a few weeks. I wore a mask because I found from other countries that the virus was airborne. I ditched the mask before it became mandatory because I found research that cloth masks don’t help. Believe it or not, the CDC itself published the results of a study showing that transmission between people wearing masks and those not wearing masks was so similar, that the supposed level of protection from the mask amounted to a potential protection level of (at most) 1.8%.

That was published some time ago, and it was buried under at least two pages of lauding masks as the answer to Covid. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s been taken down since then.

Here in Minnesota, our cases of Covid-19 peaked in November of 2020. Interestingly, it seemed that the seasonal flu had entirely disappeared. Claims were made that masks not only prevented transmission of Covid, but also the flu! These claims were not backed up by any actual research or numbers, but they were coming from the department of health and the Governor himself (who doesn’t have a medical background, just FYI).

The cases dropped steadily throughout December and January until it seemed that they had stopped altogether. But people did not seem to notice nor care about that. There was a new player on the scene- the Pfizer shots had been given temporary emergency approval by the FDA.

People argued over who should get the shot first. Many people complained about wanting the shot and not being able to get it right away.

Meanwhile, some people were “vaccine hesitant”. As in, many of them had had Covid already, their religious beliefs were such that they didn’t want the shot or there were those of us who wanted to study whether having had the virus already conferred some level of immunity. The NIH at that time had a study out that it did. Also, some people wanted to weigh their options. Not knowing the long term or even short term side effects of the shot versus becoming sick with COVID-19- well, they wanted to see if it was worth it.

As the shots became more available- those who were wanting to wait began to be actively pressured. By everyone from the government to the medical community (the organized medical community), family, friends, everyone. Never in the history of shots was there so much obsession over whether someone else had been inoculated.

For some reason, people who were asking questions about the deadliness of the virus and the possibility of disease acquired immunity were deemed “conspiracy theorists”, “anti-vaxxers”, “enemies of science” and even “murderers”.

The mask made a brief exit as people took the shot. Then, it was found that many of those who had taken the shot were still getting the disease. Somehow that led to more pressure for everyone to get the shot, including children, who have an almost zero chance of dying from COVID-19. The FDA approved the shot for children in record time. First for teens, then for everyone over 5 years old. In less than a year.

Now, the department of health is running a campaign that essentially states that if you don’t give your child the experimental shot, you’re not only a bad parent who doesn’t care about your children, you’re also responsible for people who have gotten the shot and are still getting Covid.

Many nurses have left the profession due to vaccine mandates- which are basically active in every major hospital in the state. This has led to hospitals being understaffed. But rather than admit that this has led to the understaffing- the government and its agencies now claim that the unvaccinated (for Covid) are causing hospitals to be overwhelmed.

People have a short memory it seems. The government had said many times that the vaccine would not be mandated but it is. We are also suffering a general labor shortage due to this. The economy is beginning to suffer.

Our Governors solution? Start giving away $100,000 scholarships to kids daily who get the shot.

Never mind about the censored information about the shot being more likely to cause deadly side effects than actually prevent disease. Especially in the younger population. The same population who has a near zero risk of having severe or deadly results from getting the virus.

Somehow, the “variants” continue to cause disease despite the fact that they have not been isolated.

So, it’s been almost two years now and I genuinely thought that by now the panic would stop. But it’s taken on a life of its own. Mitigation efforts that didn’t work in the past are being re-employed.

My opinion is that as long as the media continues to sensationalize the virus- it will take a major effort to stop the panicking.

Public health experts who are not getting media attention are calling for an end to the chaos. As I’ve reported previously, isolation, mask wearing and shutting down society has not only been proven ineffective, it’s been proven more harmful than the virus itself.

But when will people give up the ghost story that they have created?

Published by kristinatehrani

Born a first generation American, half Irish Catholic and half Persian Jew, I like to write about a childhood mired in the chaos of never knowing where I stood. The only constants in my life have been reading, writing and a passion for social justice. I am a nurse, a single mother, a domestic abuse survivor, radical feminist and outspoken advocate for logic, public health, gray areas, and purposeful dialogue. I know entirely too much about sociopaths, autism, and medieval British history. I write under a pen name to protect the privacy of my family.

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