John and Alice in Love

He said it while he was asleep….”I love you”…she was stunned and confounded.

Ever since, Alice considered this statement, what does it mean to love and whether it is too soon…and she knows know. She loves John and has been loving him for at least a few weeks. She loved him then, when he said it and she loves him now, when she is too shy to say it back.

She is, however, certain. She loves him. It is obvious in her actions, who she wants to contact first, what she does in his presence, his attempts to annoy her. She finds it all endearing. She loves him and she thinks he knows this and should be glad. Because she knows he loves her too.

Published by kristinatehrani

Born a first generation American, half Irish Catholic and half Persian Jew, I like to write about a childhood mired in the chaos of never knowing where I stood. The only constants in my life have been reading, writing and a passion for social justice. I am a nurse, a single mother, a domestic abuse survivor, radical feminist and outspoken advocate for logic, public health, gray areas, and purposeful dialogue. I know entirely too much about sociopaths, autism, and medieval British history. I write under a pen name to protect the privacy of my family.

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