“Excess Mortality” in Otherwise Healthy Youth- Nothing to See Here

Countries with the highest Covid-19 vaccination rates are also finding themselves with the highest “excess mortality” rates of young, healthy people getting the vaccine then abruptly dying as vaccine mandates were at their height.


The link above (credit to Mark Steyn of GBNEWS.UK, accessed August 28, 2022)

In summary: athletes and young people alike are suffering from sudden death mysteriously following the Covid- 19 shot. Cause of death? “Unknown” broadcaster Mark Steyn of GBNEWS under fire for reporting these sudden deaths and emphasizing “correlation is not causation”. He repeats that after every report of an athlete or otherwise healthy youth keeling over of “unknown causes” shortly after being mandated to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. I have screenshotted this info in case the broadcast “disappears” for some reason.

Cardiac arrest in a previously healthy athlete 37 years old 48 hours after Covid-19 vaccine
Deaths of healthy youth correlate when vaccine mandates were at their peak
Majority of “unknown causes of death coming from most vaccinated countries

Cardiologists claim increase in heart problems in people under the age of 30 caused by “herbal supplements”…suspicious claim as herbal supplements have been available for decades and the rise in cardiac issues in youth has occurred since the Covid vaccine became mandated. To quote a reporter “correlation is NOT causation!”


Link to study confirming need for further investigation into serious adverse effects of Covid-19 vaccine:

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