Minnesota Nursing Home Deaths Due to Covid-19: it’s not what you think

Freshman governor Tim Walz has long been criticized for his handling of Covid-19 management in Minnesota. From invoking and retaining emergency powers (making him the sole decision maker for the entire state) for over two years to shutting down small businesses while allowing big business to drive other business owners out of state, to mandating school shutdowns for months on end- this governor has bungled everything.

One of the lesser publicized things that Walz has done was the shuttling of Covid-19 patients into nursing homes. Yes, when the hospitals filled up- Walz not only shut down the Covid-19 dedicated hospital to convert it into a homeless shelter, he also sent patients who had Covid-19 to nursing homes. During the lockdowns, meaning the residents of the nursing homes were prisoners to their own demise as scores of elderly residents died.

The link below details how Walz made the decision, the cost in human lives, and an audio recording detailing that the Minnesota governor, up for re-election in November has no regrets.



Published by kristinatehrani

Born a first generation American, half Irish Catholic and half Persian Jew, I like to write about a childhood mired in the chaos of never knowing where I stood. The only constants in my life have been reading, writing and a passion for social justice. I am a nurse, a single mother, a domestic abuse survivor, radical feminist and outspoken advocate for logic, public health, gray areas, and purposeful dialogue. I know entirely too much about sociopaths, autism, and medieval British history. I write under a pen name to protect the privacy of my family.

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