More Studies on Effects of Covid-19 Vaccines

Below is a link to a study that I haven’t fully read but saving here as it sounds interesting. Subject is blood changes after Covid shot.

Notable thought- it is said that the flu vaccine changes every year in predictions of which strains of flu will be present. Many wonder- why are the current Covid-19 shots not being reevaluated for effectiveness or changed for different strains of Covid? Government and public health officials have publicly declared several different strains yet the shot remains the same.

Can’t recall where I read this- but the original strain of Covid-19, the alpha strain- is either gone or most have immunity to it already. In the field of science, one key component of the scientific process is to evaluate what is working and what is not. This is an essential part of science. The fact that this is essentially missing in the Covid-19 discussions should alarm anyone with a scientific background.

Registered nurses are required to take microbiology and in some cases public health courses. Research and evaluation is a part of achieving a degree in science. I have done masters level work in public health and the first course I took was epidemiology.

What I learned in that course almost entirely contradicts the so called public health measures directed towards Covid-19. For example- there is a difference between pandemic and endemic. Pandemic implies short term rapid increase of a disease worldwide. Endemic is once a disease has basically become part of other diseases that are not going away. For a more concrete example- let’s say we suddenly saw a rapid increase of the rare (usually found in Africa) disease Ebola in the US. Then we would have an “Ebola epidemic”. Once the epidemic would be contained, it would be over. If Ebola cases remained stable in the US- it would then be considered endemic after a period of time.

Link below describes “endemic” versus “pandemic”

To be updated…

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