Let Them Eat Cake

This has been nagging at me for days. Have people forgotten that this is not a kingdom? That we are a republic and in a republic- it is the elected officials who are beholden to the people to do what the people wish. I feel like a lot of people have stopped having their ownContinue reading “Let Them Eat Cake”

Wokeness Perpetuates Stereotypes and Here’s What to Do Instead

Decided to make a whole different post on this because it’s important I think. Treat people as individuals. Don’t assume that every black person supports…whatever. Don’t assume all women support whatever. Don’t assume all of any group supports people who claim to speak for them. I think assuming things about people rather than simply treatingContinue reading “Wokeness Perpetuates Stereotypes and Here’s What to Do Instead”

Partisanship and the History Behind It

George Washington was an independent. The “founding fathers” were independents. John Adams drafted what is considered to be the blueprint of our Constitution as a Massachusetts attorney and a similar version was approved on a federal level years later. It is our federal constitution that has protected us from many of the attempted violations ofContinue reading “Partisanship and the History Behind It”

When Politicians Say “Black Lives Matter”

This probably also goes for many people who have no idea what black people experience. For most people who use this phrase- people who use it in an “armchair manner”, for example, it is simply a way of pretending they care. BLM has become a cause du jour briefly celebrated by many self professed “liberals”Continue reading “When Politicians Say “Black Lives Matter””